AIRE is a project, still in development, of a simple to use yet powerful internal payment platform for institutions. With a strong focus on the education sector, we want to provide a simple, secure and reliable payment solution while being very cost-effective for both students and faculty.

Person paying with AIRE

Unified Platform

A suite of integrated payment products

With the original idea of enabling students to pay for their lunches, coffees, or to use the printers simply by using their student card or their smartphone, we came up with a product to simplify payments and adapt to all use cases and third party tools.

Our system also helps to fight fraud, manage money flows connect students to each other and much more.


Built by Students for students

We are students and we know the needs of students better than anyone. We use this type of system every day and we are well aware of the disadvantages it often entails. That's why we decided to develop AIRE, an honest and clear payment system, while making it more useful and efficient.

This is also why we have such a unique product. We don't impose an indecent and unnecessary list of fees that would ruin the experience like the competition does.


We built AIRE Net to process and validate transactions in real time for you and your students.


Security is not an option.

If we want to be a payment platform, then we better be secure. Well, make no mistake about it, AIRE is truly secure. Every transaction must be encrypted and signed multiple times before it is validated and processed by our network.

Privacy is not an option.

We do not store any personal information, ever. How is this possible? We rely on cryptography to identify individuals to their accounts and ensure that they can access and use their money.


Reliability is not an option.

AIRE Net is a decentralized network that is built on top of the blockchain technology. We have hundreds of machines and servers all over the worlds that are constantly running to ensure that the network is always processing your transactions. It is virtually impossible for us to lose any data or to experience any network failure/downtime.