A payment network thatgrows your incomes not your bills!

AIRE caters to institutions of all sizes, and it was important for us to tailor our offerings to the needs and resources of each. That's why we let you access our products for free, and only pay for what you actually use.


Integrate for Free

Access our devnet for free, and integrate with your existing payment system. You can even request a demo to see if our products are right for you.

Pay for what you'll use

Our plans are designed to both fit your needs and our costs for running the network. That's why we charge for usage rather than access.

Volume discounts

We'll charge you differently depending on your volume of transactions and users. We want to be able to offer you the best possible price for your needs.



0.200$ / gas token*

* gas used in operations such as opening an account and making transactions

  • No minimum charges or setup fees

  • No hidden fees

  • Automatic billing

  • Pre-paid gas


999$ / month*

* Pay yearly (9 999$) and save big!

  • Run a node

  • 5 free point of sales kits

  • Complete analytics and reporting tools

  • Unlimited users and transactions

Point of Sales



* requires an iPhone/iPad/Square PoS to work

  • Accept AIRE payments

  • Compatible with all Square PoS.

  • Fully customizable

  • Super easy to setup